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Woodblock printmaking workshop with Jaime Wing, Tom Ferrero: The Places In Between,
Oil painting workshop with Jae-Eun Pilsbury, Ceramic mugs by Whitney Gill.

When I was beginning on my artistic journey, The Harlow Gallery and the members of the Kennebec Valley Art Association were very helpful in teaching me about how to think about art, how to present my work, stage an exhibit, the adjudication process and so much more.  I would not be where I am today if I had not had the mentorship and volunteer opportunities provided by this institution. Every time I volunteered for a new task, I learned something. ” -Linda Clowes Murray

Seven years have passed since I first met Kennebec Valley Art Association and Harlow Gallery. I can honestly say that my first impression is one that definitely was true and has stuck. My impression was that KVAA/Harlow was there for 2 things: for community and for art. What do I mean by that? I would like to start with them being there for Art. This organization believes in art as a part of many parts that show our wholeness as humans; what got us to where we are today. Art does not have to be justified by anything else. It stands alone. Not separate, but alone in its role and importance to who we are. This brings me to the 2nd commitment of KVAA/Harlow: community. They believe that art should be felt, seen, done by and integrated in community. The process we recognize and talk about in art, they see in every aspect of life. Reaching out, working hard, commitment and making it happen is what they are about. They are an excellent organization that gives to their local community as well as wider community. And they uniquely receive from their community. Harlow and Hallowell is richer because of this relationship.” – Kris Sader

Our community is very fortunate to have the Harlow Gallery; where we can come together to view and create art, hear music, and listen to poetry and lectures.” – Margo Ogden

Eleven years ago I sold my first oil painting (to someone other than a “supportive” relative!) at a members’ show at the Harlow. I will be forever grateful to the gallery for providing a welcoming, professional venue to show my work. But art is not just shown at the Harlow, it is also made there! For many years I have enjoyed painting with the Tuesday Group, a supportive group of artists who share ideas, techniques, and offer insightful critiques. The gallery has been an integral part of my creative journey. Thank you, Harlow!” – Anita Morrissey

Without trying to be dramatic, getting involved with the Harlow quite literally changed my life. My family and I had recently moved back to the central Maine area after nearly 20 years. I had twin newborns, a kiddo in grade school and had no local friends. I began volunteering shortly after I joined the KVAA, a whole new world opened up. I began meeting interesting, like minded folks, and learning about art opportunities throughout the state. I became volunteer coordinator and eventually began working at the Harlow where I learned more than I could have ever imagined. This past year I was fortunate to have a show with two other fellow KVAA members- it was a wonderful experience and a successful exhibition. Though I no longer work at the Harlow I’m happy to say I’ve met some of my best friends through the gallery. The organization where I currently work (and love) I first learned about through the Harlow. In 2015 DownEast magazine declared the The Harlow Gallery the best gallery in Maine. For me it is that and more, they don’t just talk about community, they make community.” – Nancy Keenan Barron