Craft Shop Jury Information



The Harlow Craft Shop jury process is open to all Maine craftspeople, including members and non-members.  Artists should be residents of Maine at least part of the year or otherwise have a strong connection to our state.

Media eligible for jury consideration include: Ceramics, Fiber, Furniture, Glass, Jewelry, Metal, Mixed Media, Wood, Books, Cards, Calendars, CDs, Candles, Food Products, Prints, Photography, T-shirts, Pet Products, Personal Care, DVDs.

Applicants must be professional, capable of producing work of consistent quality, and responsible for fulfilling orders obtained from the Harlow Craft Shop.

All work in the Harlow Craft Shop must be original and created by the artist or under the artist’s direct supervision. Applicants must submit only their own work, not that made by others. All work must be original and handmade in Maine or with the use of appropriate equipment and tools. Seconds and work of inferior quality are not permitted.



Gallery staff reviews email submissions on a rolling basis.

Please do not drop off work in person for the gallery to consider, unless it is specifically requested.

To have your work considered for the Summer season please submit your work for consideration before April and to have your work considered for the Holiday season please submit before October.

Artists may not deliver additional items for consideration until after a decision has been reached on any previously delivered items.



1. Send an email to with ”For Craft Shop from [artist’s name]” in the subject line.   

2. Attach 5-10 images to the email showing the work you wish to have considered. 

3. In the body of the email include the following information:


Business Name*

*please indicate the name that should be on any consignment checks, associated with a viable bank account.



Zip code:



Craft Medium:

Web Address: 

Are you a current member?:  YES | NO

Please list the following details for each of the attached images: Brief item description, dimensions (HxWxD), retail price. *Please note that all items are sold on consignment and the retail is split 65/35 with the Harlow. You receive the 65%.

Please describe your craft education and background: schools, private study, apprenticeships, self taught, etc: How long have you been making your craft? Feel free to mention any other pertinent details to your background.

Do you currently sell your work at other shops/venues? If so, please list:

Tell us about your work, process, and inspiration source(s):

Are any components or your work NOT handmade (or designed) by you? (jewelry parts, frames, handles, other embellishments, etc.)

What is your lead time on orders? 

Please list any other relevant information about your work:



Artists will be notified of the gallery’s decision within a month of the original appointment. You will receive notice stating one of the following jury results: accepted, declined, on waitlist, or that we’d like to see your work in person before we make a decision.

Any work that was not selected MUST be picked up at the artists’ soonest convenience.

Any work left at the gallery for more than 6 months becomes property of the Harlow Gallery.



You don’t need to be a member to go through the jury process, but if your work is accepted then you must become a member before we can start selling your work in our shop.

Items are sold on consignment. Artists receive 65% of their sales. 35% supports Gallery programming.

Artists are paid, via check, for any sales in the previous month by the 20th of the following month. (For example, the artists’ check for all May sales will be mailed in mid June.)