Macomber, Farr & Whitten, Art at Home Sponsor

Macomber, Farr & Whitten, Art at Home Sponsor

Sincere appreciation to Harlow Gallery’s insurance company Macomber, Farr and Whitten Insurance Agency for sponsoring Art at Home in East Winthrop!

For over three generations, Maine families and business people have found reassurance and comfort in the insurance services of Macomber, Farr & Whitten.  Their steadfastness is represented by the fact that their address has not changed in over 150 years.

If your grandparents came back to Augusta today, they would still find MFW watching over the Market Square of Augusta. Should that impact your decisions about insurance? We think so. The true measure of an insurance policy can only be determined in times of trouble. Again and again, with client after client, we prove what’s been true since 1848: Macomber, Farr & Whitten is here to stay and here to help.

Macomber, Farr & Whitten
P.O. Box 2269
Augusta, ME  04338-2269


Physical address:
One Market Square, Suite # 201
Augusta, Me. 04330

 Macomber Farr Whitten vintage

August 2017

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