Maine Craft Weekend

Maine Craft Weekend (MCW), a statewide tour of Maine craft studios, breweries, businesses and events, is an opportunity for the public to explore the life and work of craft artists and craft brewers in Maine. MCW is a public, educational, community oriented, family friendly weekend October 1 + 2, 2016. MCW is scheduled in conjunction with American Craft Week, a nationwide event promoting craft events each October. Modeled after Maine Maple Sunday and Buy Local Saturday, this self-guided tour features participants all over the state who are not regularly open to the public or who have planned special MCW events and demonstrations at their locations. Plan a route to include a pottery wheel lesson and a glass blowing demonstration in the morning, swing by a brew pub for lunch, wrap up the day perusing a craft show and start all over again on Sunday!

DEADLINE: September 16th! Late listings accepted, but $15 late fee applies. Listings submitted after Sept 30th may not be processed and added to the site in time for the weekend.

Full listing free for members of MCA, Maine Made or Maine Brewer’s Guild. Basic listing free for everyone (map NOT included). Full listing (includes map)$10 for participants not affiliated with one of these groups.

Who May Participate in Maine Craft Weekend? The following types of participants qualify to participate in MCW. We encourage special MCW activities, sales, demos, etc. but, by simply being a craft-related site or event we welcome you to get on the map!
– Individual Craft Studios
– Craft Breweries and Distilleries
– Craft Galleries
– Craft Shows / Events that include craft shows or demos
– Non Profit Craft Organizations, Schools or Programs

The following types of organizations and venues may request to participate in MCW if there is a plan to offer a special MCW weekend-related activity, sale, demo or event at the site October 1 & 2 that will be promoted to the general public in more places than the the MCW site listing. If you do not see your organization/venue type listed below, please contact us to discuss other options!
– Specialty food producers
– Wineries
– Farms
– Retail locations


Maine Craft Weekend staff will contact you if more information or payment is required.

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