Maine Traditional Film Photographers

“Sea” by Joe Souther (detail)

Maine Traditional Film Photographers (METFP) meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Harlow Gallery.

Established in March 2009, participants are dedicated to analogue and alternative photographic processes (not including digital work except for submitting purposes only). The group shares technical and artistic skills; literature; events of interest; field trips; organize exhibits; secure presenters periodically and, most importantly we share, critique and support each other in our current image works . We DO NOT offer contests/jurying. We are not a club.  We ask for a small donation ( pass the hat) for the gallery each month as the Harlow is generous to provide our meeting space.  We also have a voluntary annual fee of $35.00 to help cover costs of exhibiting and to offer small honorarium when we do have a presenter.  In lieu of paying the voluntary annual fee, participants wanting to join in a group exhibit would need to contribute a $10.00 fee.  

For more information you can contact Cindy Rehagen Langewisch (founding member and current coordinator) at 207-897-5818 or

Hinged Door on Canal St by Cindy Rehagen Langewsich

“Rectangles” by Cindy Rehagen Langewisch