Members’ Shows

The Harlow Gallery presents shows dedicated to showcasing work by members of the Kennebec Valley Art Association each year. Member’s shows are promoted as “art show and sale”, which means that gallery visitors may purchase work and take it home the same day. Gallery staff will call the artist whose work was sold so that he or she can bring in a replacement. Some members have sold two or three works over the course of one exhibition!  

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Members’ Show Guidelines

1. Framing and Presentation: All work must be ready to hang safely and securely. Clips and sawtooth hangers are unacceptable because they tend to be much less secure than the alternative (we have had work fall off the wall, causing damaging other works on the way down).  The hanging committee volunteers do not have time to wire or repair frames so please do this beforehand.  Works on paper should be framed and under glass or plexiglass for member’s shows.  The KVAA will not accept liability for damage to unframed work under any circumstance.

2. Paperwork: All work must be clearly marked with your name, contact information, title of the work, and price; or, if your work is not for sale, mark it NFS but please include the value for insurance purposes. We make show labels from your entry form, so in order to insure accuracy, entry forms must be legible. Please write neatly!

3. Stick to the Schedule: Late entries put extra demands on our staff; please deliver your work during the appropriate times.  If you do bring your work late we cannot guarantee you a place in the show. No work can be removed from an exhibit unless it is sold during a cash and carry show; please don’t ask to pick it up before the exhibition ends.  

We have very limited storage space, so it is imperative that your work be picked up during the designated times. Work that is not picked up in a timely fashion runs the risk of being damaged. Also, any piece that is not picked up in time is subject to a $5 per day storage fee. If the work is not picked up within two weeks it will be considered abandoned, and will be sold at our next silent auction.  We understand that unforeseen events and emergencies can occur and we will of course not penalize anyone in such a situation. We encourage artists to carpool or make arrangements for a fellow artist to pick up multiple works.

4. New Work please: Each piece of art will be limited to one showing at the Harlow Gallery; gallery visitors look forward to seeing new work.  Please don’t submit work that has already been in a show at the Harlow. All work must have been completed within the last three years.

5. Smaller is Better for Member’s Shows: Member’s shows are very popular –  we currently receive about  100 works, which was quite a challenging number to hang.  So even though we love large format art, member’s shows just aren’t the place for it — we have instituted a size limitation as follows for 2 dimensional work:  No wall hung work may exceed 18″x24″ including the frame (or a total of 432 square inches for non- standard support sizes).  Large work will be accepted, but if there is a space problem oversize work will be the first to be cut. In other words, if you choose to bring in over-sized work we cannot guarantee you a spot in the show.  Exception for sculptural work (which we never seem to get enough of): limitations for free-standing sculpture are that it fit through the door, its footprint should not exceed 4 square feet, weight not to exceed 150 lbs,  maximum height 8′ and that it be stable and safe for public viewing. Sculpture that requires wall space for any reason must conform to the size limitations for 2D work.  If you are planning to submit a large sculpture, you must inform gallery staff in advance and plan to work closely with us to ensure timely placement and de-installation.

6. Bin Work – During members’ shows, current members may submit up to 2 pieces of original 2 dimensional work (no reproductions including giclee prints) or unframed canvases or panels not to exceed 2″ deep. Works on paper should be matted and shrink wrapped or bagged in Mylar bags, and no larger than 18 x 24. Pieces should be labeled on the back with the following information: artist’s name, title, media and price (price includes Harlow 35% commission). Unsold work must be picked up at the same time as the work in the show.

7. Content Disclaimer: While we fully support freedom of expression on behalf of all artists, we also welcome visitors of all ages to the Harlow Gallery. Therefore we reserve the right to decline to exhibit work with an excessively violent, obscene, explicit or pornographic content. In such cases the Exhibition Committee will review the work in question and make a decision on a case by case basis.

Following these simple guidelines will insure that your work is included in member’s shows. Please realize that failure to do so may result in the exclusion of your work. Lastly, please be considerate of and pleasant to our staff, volunteers, and interns; unprofessional and disrespectful behavior can be very distracting and counterproductive for all concerned.

Deborah Fahy, Executive Director

As determined by the Exhibition Committee for Member’s shows at the Harlow Gallery, 2011 version, updated May 2014