Movie Nights Returning in February!

The Harlow Gallery’s Education Committee is excited to kick off its new Movie Night Series with the PBS Emmy nominated series Art 21.   Join us on at the Harlow  on Thursday, February 10 at 7pm for a free screening of art:21, Art in the 21st Century and learn about contemporary artists working in America today.  A short discussion will follow the screening. Seating is limited to the gallery’s collection of folding chairs, but attendees are welcome to bring their own portable chairs for comfort’s sake.


86 artists have been featured in Art21 to date. The series demonstrates the breadth of artistic practice in the United States today. Each one-hour program is loosely organized around a theme helps audiences analyze, compare and juxtapose the artists profiled.  Cutting edge contemporary artists speak in their own words -direct, accessible and unfiltered.  The artists include painters, photographers, sculptors, performance and video artists.  The series demonstrates the breadth of artistic practice across the United States and reveal the depth of inter-generational and multicultural talent in today’s artworld.  Powerful and engaging, offers new definitions of what art is today and demonstrates the profound relevance of contemporary art to everyday life. The Harlow Gallery will be showing selections from season 1. For more information about the series visit