Norling & Norling: 2 Generations, 3 Dimensions

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Norling & Norling – 2 Generations, 3 Dimensions

November 7-30, 2008
Opening on Friday, November. 7th, from 5 to 8 pm

The Harlow Gallery, 160 Water Street, Hallowell, ME 04347

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November’s exhibition at the Harlow Gallery, “Norling & Norling – 2 Generations, 3 Dimensions” will feature the whimsical metal sculpture of Barry A. Norling of Norridgewock and the unique mixed-media collage paintings of his daughter, Alesia F. Norling of Pittston. Gallery visitors can expect to see a number of free-standing and wall-hanging sculptures of copper, brass and aluminum by Barry and a collection of unusual mixed-media paintings of various sizes by Alesia. Both artists reside in Maine and are members of the Kennebec Valley Art Association. All work will be available for sale. Join us for the opening celebration on Nov. 7th and meet both of the Norlings in person. The opening reception is free and open to the public and refreshments will be served.

Barry A. Norling is a self-styled, self-taught metal sculptor. For almost 40 years, has lived on a farm in Norridgewock, Maine where he and his wife Abigail raised three children and many animals. Barry’s inspirations come from numerous sources including the farm and his family. Many pieces are purely a reflection of the artist’s sense of humor and his personal view of natural beauty and wildlife. His weathervanes are hand-hammered and soldered and possess an uncanny quality of life. Barry’s most recent work includes and array of large, free-standing copper sculptures. His work ranges from the ridiculous – “absurdist realism” as he calls it – represented in his many uses of pig and dog subjects, to the sublime butterfly and swan. His pieces have been displayed in museums, galleries and shows from Maine to California, and Hawaii.

Alesia F. Norling was raised on her parents’ antique farm in Norridgewock, Maine where she acquired a love of animals and all things old and falling apart. She won a scholarship that paid for her art supplies while attending the Rhode Island School of Design. After graduating in 1994, her first job was sculpting gargoyles in Warwick, RI. After moving back to Maine, she worked for many years as a graphic artist until she married and had her daughter. Alesia then began painting full time and selling her work via the Internet. She now creates unusual collage paintings using antique and vintage papers, photographs and whatever other materials she can dig up. When asked, “What do you do for work?” her standard reply is, “I am a professional daydreamer.”