Join the Harlow Gallery and many others in pausing nationwide today, March 10th, to envision life devoid of creativity, imagination and thought … in communities large and small across America: after CULTURE STOPS.

CULTURE STOPS is a grassroots, citizen-driven, peaceful day of action by diverse individuals and organizations in the creative sector across the United States who share the simple belief that the power of creative thought is the lifeblood of democracy.

The goal is to call attention to the deep, widespread and disproportionate cuts, proposed by Congress and the President, to federal funding for the arts and humanities, heritage and preservation, arts education and a host of related federal programs that quietly fuel the creative sector. Our day of action will put a face to the millions of individuals, non profit organizations and institutions, and for-profit businesses who fuel and sustain the creative sector and are the backbone of American ingenuity. Lend your voice to this entirely volunteer effort! Who are we? YOU!

Visit CULTURE STOPS on FaceBook, or go to for more information and ideas on how you can participate in this non partisan, peaceful collaboration on March 10th. No $ required- just a concern for the continued sustainability of the arts and humanities in our communities and in our lives. —Nancy McGinnis