One of a Kind – Monotype – the Unique Print

In September the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell presents One of a Kind – Monotype – the Unique Print, an exhibition featuring the work of six Maine artists from varied backgrounds.  Claudia Brahms of Hallowell, Robin Brooks of Topsham, Corliss Chastain of Portland, Christine J. Higginsof Readfield, Margo Ogdenof Hallowell, and Kris Sader of Orono.


The public is invited to meet the artists at the show’s opening on Thursday, September 2nd, from 5-8 pm. This event is free and open to all; refreshments will be served.  The exhibition will run from September 2- 26, 2010 at the Harlow Gallery, at 160 Water Street in downtown Hallowell, Maine.


There will be a gathering of the artists for an ArtTalk on Thursday, September 16at 7pm where the public can hear the artists discuss their work and the monotype printing process.


Each of the artists has one thing in common; a love of the work of the hand. Claudia Brahms, Robin Brooks, Corliss Chastain, Christine J. Higgins, Margo Ogden, and Kris Sader have each devoted themselves to the creation of beautifully executed monotypes. Drawing from their varied and unique life’s experiences, each of the artists applies a practiced hand and innovative technique to their work. Their styles come in the form of dreams, pieces of places, experiments, landscapes, their relation to the natural world….the simple love of printing. They are improvisational, spiritual, playful, ancient, and contemplative. The materials include oil paint or ink,water based inks, pastels, while their techniques include stenciling, layering of color, drawing, and happy accidents of creation. The show is a representation of life. It is an illustration that the hand of the artist holds the key to memories – they are the mind’s keeper of secrets that can are revealed in line, shape and form….. Each representation, one of a kind.


Robin Brooks of Topsham works in a variety of media including painted paper collage, monotype printmaking, and oils. She often works in layers, sometimes adding collage elements over the initial printed image. You can view more of her work at


Claudia Brahms of Hallowell is a textile artist using her attraction to textures in her approach to printmaking. Taking memories of moments, and pieces of places, she weaves her stories through printing and layering with soft pastel.  ” I am never really clear on where I’m going on the way to a finished print. I need to see the story come to life. Sometimes that happens in a single print, sometimes it takes many days to unfold.”


Corliss Chastain of Portland is a mixed-media artist who sometimes expresses her vision through printmaking. Using some of the same techniques from her paintings, she creates monoprints utilizing plexiglass and collagraph plates in conjunction with combinations of stencils, collage, embossing and paint.


Christine J.Higgins of Readfield often includes her own handmade papers as chin colle. Images from her digital photography are often also in her monotypes. Her subject is reflective of natural elements. Currently, focus is on an “Interface” series, where she is creating visual observations of the geographical impact of meeting of land and water.  Her work may be viewed at


Margo Ogden of Hallowell, an artist who has worked in painting, mixed media, and fiber arts builds her monotypes through multiple passes through an etching press of plates inked with rollers and brushes. This build up of ink creates both luminous veils of color, and a highly textured surface. Her work may be seen at


Kris Sader of Orono is a printmaker and environmental site-specific installation artist. She grew up in Tucson Arizona, has lived many places in-between and settled in Maine with her family in 1987. She believes strongly in our link to nature and imagination as driving factors in human existence. Joseph Beuys’ idea of “spirituality in matter” appeals to her.