Propose a Workshop

Interested in sharing your creative medium through teaching? We invite you to submit a a proposal for a workshop at the Harlow. Proposals from visual artists, craftsmen, writers, etc., are all welcome. Previous teaching experience a plus.


Equipment & Facilities:
– 5 folding tables
– 30+  folding chairs
– 15 + stools
– Bluetooth speaker
– Wifi 
– Projector and screen.
– Air Conditioner/Heater
– Kitchen Sink
– Microwave
– Public Restroom
– Diverse and excellent dining options throughout  Hallowell.
– Street parking for students (or public lots for classes longer than 2 hours)

Tuition & Stipend:
Harlow staff will be in touch with you to determine costs such as  instructor stipend, student tuition, etc. These are generally contingent on workshop length and material cost.

Limited Storage:
The Harlow  has limited storage capacity and cannot provide class instructors with storage for supplies or equipment at this time. Instructors and students will need to take all supplies and projects with them at the end of the class.

Clean up:
Instructors must cleanup the space at the end of the workshop and shut down and lock up the gallery according to instructions provided by gallery staff. We will take a $50 clean-up fee out of tuition if the gallery is left in disarray.

Once your proposal is accepted, Harlow staff will be in contact with you to start promoting the workshop. You will need to provide a short write-up draft at least two months before your event. 
Your write-up should describe your workshop describing who, what, when, where and why. This should be a clear, complete description of your event detailing what techniques will be explored and what students can expect from the class. Optional: You may also include an artist bio. You will also need to provide up to 3 high quality jpg images for promotion. These can be finished products or process shots. it is essential we have AT LEAST ONE image. Please email the writeup and images these to

What Harlow staff will do:
– Staff will register students and handle all tuition payments. You will receive a check on the day of the class.
– Promote the workshop via: Harlow website, social media, email to members
– Orient you in opening and closing the gallery and assign you a key if your event begins or ends outside of regular gallery hours (Wednesday through Saturday 12-6pm)

Instructors are encouraged to help promote the class as well. Harlow staff will follow up and share promotional materials for you to help distribute.

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