Outside Looking In, Another Look Opening on Nov. 2nd

During the month of November, the Kennebec Valley Art Association will host “Outside Looking In, Another Look”, an exhibit of drawings, paintings and poetry by members of LINC (Living in the Community) and the Waterville Social Club.  “Signs of the Times”, a selection of works by the well-known Maine artist Natasha Mayers will also be shown.

The opening reception will take place at the Harlow Gallery on Friday, November 2nd from 5:00pm to 8:00pm and will feature live music and a reading by the poets. The event is free and open to the public, and is presented in partnership with Motivational Services, Inc. with support from Maine DHHS and the United Way of Kennebec Valley.


 Artist, Cindy Dow

Natasha Mayers, the curator of the exhibit, has been conducting art workshops at the LINC Club in Augusta and the Waterville Social Club since 1981. In 1987, Lee Sharkey began a parallel writing workshop at the LINC Club. The work that will be exhibited and performed at the opening was created in these workshops. Participating artists include Ken Bryant, Bill Burke, Ruth Cohen, Cheryl Corliss, Cindy Dow, Frances Jennings, Merry, Robert Nutting, Mark Shedd, Charles Nelson Stratton, Kimberly Thorpe, Sheri Haywood and Kevin Warren.


  Artist, Bill Burke

The LINC and Waterville Social Clubs are supported by Motivational Services, Inc., a non-profit mental health organization offering programs to meet the needs of people with severe and prolonged mental illness in Kennebec County, and funded by DHHS (Adult Mental Health Services-Peer Support Office) and United Way. Club activities include the art and writing classes, recreational and educational activities, cultural events, workshops on daily living skills, crafts projects, opportunities for volunteerism, and participation in the club’s advisory board.

The candid and original drawings, paintings, and poetry in this exhibit reflect joy, pain, bemusement, despair, hope, passion, curiosity—the full range of human vision and responses.  The work speaks from the heart, with graphic eloquence, intensity, and immediacy; it moves us to a deeper appreciation of both the uniqueness and the commonality of human experience.


  “Military Ribbon” — Artist, Natasha Mayers

“Signs of the Times”,a selection of works by Natasha Mayers, is a daily visual journal of intruding news images and events and feelings, her attempt to make sense (and nonsense) of the times in which we live. She uses the abstract language of road signs combined with painted news images and images closer to home, to make a playful and deadly serious statement that reflects recent world events. It may be simultaneously seen as a cry of joy and a cry of rage, a damning critique of our government’s policies, but also an artist’s coping mechanism for living with the onslaught of news. These invented and found images are drawn from Maine to Guantanamo, New Orleans to Iraq and Afghanistan. First exhibited last year in an extensive show at the Atrium Gallery in Lewiston, Natasha will exhibit a limited selection from this body of work.