Photographs by Sarah Helen Harvey – Sept 2005


Sarah Helen Harvey of Gardiner will present a solo exhibition of her documentary photographs.

Harvey states, “As in life, photography is a continuing exploration into new realms, mine being the people and places that have shaped who I am.  These photos are a visual language to communicate my emotions.  I enjoy exploring these lifestyles, in turn relating them to my past as metaphors to certain situations.  My goal is to slowly unpeel each layer of my surroundings uncovering places in society which have paralleled my emotional past.”

Elizabeth Greenburg said of Harvey’s work, “Your images are photographs about life and they are about photography.  They speak to the documentary and to the stance of the photographer.  Your sequence brings us into an unfamiliar place, yet one that we know from our dark secrets; we see ourselves in the mirror and exit with a certain hope as the glow above the road leads us to a new horizon.”