Pinhole Prequel (build your own camera)

Pinhole Workshop Prequel

(optional event to prepare for World Pinhole Photography Day! April 28, 2013)

Date: Thursday April 25, 2013

Time:  6-8 pm at the Harlow Gallery

Instructor: Johanna Moore

Join Johanna in assembling your own Pinhole camera to use on World Pinhole Day.  Attendees can purchase a Sharan cardboard 35mm camera, bring it to the Harlow Gallery and assemble it as a group.  The cameras are intricate but well designed and take a couple hours to fold and put together.  For those are interested in using photographic paper who have access to a darkroom, Johanna will show you how to construct a paint can & cardboard tube camera.

How to purchase pinhole cameras before the event:

Blender cameras

Holga cameras 

Sharan cameras: