Poetry Reading: Judy Feinstein, Jim Donnelly & Ted Bookey

Poets Judy Feinstein, Jim Donnelly & Ted Bookey will read from their poetry

May 24, 2013, 7 pm at the Harlow Gallery, 160 Water Street in Hallowell.  Light refreshments served.  Suggested contribution: $3.00. For further information call Ted Bookey at 685-3636.

Here’s a sampler to whet your appetite: 


Passing Storm — Judy Feinstein

Clouds come in—

Building, spreading, darkening,

to fill the sky.


The wind picks up and with one last, slow push, the rain starts:

A few drops at first and then with a rush,

sounds of rain, wind, leaves moving on trees, all together

in one upstoppable, unmistakable show of power—

next the crack of lightening, the roll of thunder.

coming in from the northwest.

The storm stays awhile, loudly, then moves off.


Birds start calling as the rain lets up—insistent. Rapid chirps, not songs—

Everyone all right? I imagine they ask. Are you still there?

As the storm recedes they are quiet again, and then

The clouds lift, sun breaks through and the singing starts.


So it was with losing you —

When the sky cleared I could see

we’d lost each other.         


Untitled —   Jim Donnelly

A country should be a place you could walk

End to end in a day. Luxembourg is one.

Mm Brooklyn. You could hitch, drive or walk

America like Kerouac did but never know

Her or look her in her eyes. I want a plot of ground

To call my country. I want to run an old

Work shirt up a pole and call it a flag. 


Losing It —  Ted Bookey

You win some, lose some—

Lose some winsomeness

Down the drain with

Sum of teeth & hair

That look of young


Your time to use or lose it lost

Lost your way along the way

Thrown for a loss you lost

All sense of what you lost

And found you had


Became a see–er & unseen

You got lost in thought

Lost train & track of

Everything you think

You thought & think:


No time left for you to lose

You’d try to find but knew

How again you’d only gain

One more thing for you

To lose anew


You are completely at a loss for words

If your loss wasn’t screwed on tight

I bet you’d lose that too

You’d be at a total …