Poetry reading: Maryli Tiemann & Ruth Evans


will read from their poetry Friday, May 18th , 2012 at 7 PM

Light refreshments served.  Suggested contribution: $3. For further information call Ted Bookey at 685-3636.



Six snow shovels rest against the house

Bathed in sunshine and almost April

Like a gaggle of junior high students

Hanging together – some tall and lanky,

Some short and strong. All trying to

stick together and not appear too different.

Needing something to do, but stuck between

Stages and ages. Full of self-conscious

Doubts that changing time will ease their

Awkward, misplaced, out-of-sync insights.

Their guts show them tough truth that’s

Just a stone’s skip from making sense:

Like a screen door too soon up or full of

Snow from winter’s storm, they know

They don’t blend into a world that just

Doesn’t see how to find them useful. —Maryli Tiemann



Now I have reached the age that ads for Cialis and Viagra

are amime3d at, I am madly, wildly, insanely in love,

with spring.


With cream colored tulips reaching and bending,

with trillium white as purity,

with violets, the purple and white, consorting

in the grass with wild strawberry blossoms

and the blatant yellow of dandelions

trumpeting spring like a hallelujah chorus.


Today it is al sun, sun, sun. Lunch outdoors

and the scent of happiness. Over everything

the wild abandon of a fresh affair.


Nothing matters but this moment,

these sensations, the now, now, now of today. —Ruth Evans