September at the Harlow Gallery: Two Photographers Explore the Maine Landscape


The Harlow Gallery at 160 Water Street in Hallowell will exhibit the work of two local photographers, Nancy Jacob and Jym St Pierre for the month of September. Both artists present a unique view of the Maine landscape, exploring humankind’s influence on the land we inhabit.

The show opens on September 1st from 5:00 to 8:00 and runs through Sunday, September 24th.  Refreshments served and the public is encouraged to attend.  Free.


Nancy Jacob will present her “North Maine Woods: Dri-Ki” series. These are large-scale giclee prints of fields, shorelines and driftwood or “dri-ki”.  Dri-ki  is short for dry kindling, is a term loggers coined to refer to the scraps of wood left behind after harvesting a forest.  Jacob describes her images as “…windows on another world.  Many of the images are sculpturally abstract, the compositions elegant and utterly magical.  Of creating these images, Jacob says “It is my pleasure to share them and a joy for me to see them this size, only made possible by present-day technology in which I buried myself to bring these into being.  I am a witchdoctor who dispenses art as a cure.”


Jym St. Pierre will exhibit his Maine Landsc(r)apes series, with each image presenting a contrast between the sublime perfection of nature how we develop the land.  For instance, a rainbow over an industrial gravel operation in Brunswick, or brilliant sunset clouds over a big box store in Augusta.  The artist states, “Each year in Maine we protect thousands of acres, we develop thousands of acres.  We love our landscapes, we destroy them.  Are the images beautiful or ugly or both?”