Summit Natural Gas of Maine, $1,000 Season Sponsor

Summit Natural Gas of Maine, $1,000 Season Sponsor

Summit Natural Gas of Maine is located in Augusta and specializes in delivering natural gas to residences and businesses of all sizes. It delivers natural gas produced in North America to homes and businesses in Maine’s Kennebec Valley and in the towns of Cumberland, Yarmouth and Falmouth. In 2014, Summit Natural Gas of Maine invested 185 million dollars and created more than 400 jobs by building a natural gas pipeline to serve more than 15,000 homes and businesses within five years.

Summit Natural Gas of Maine, Inc. is a subsidiary of Summit Utilities, Inc. It was organized in Maine in 2012. The parent company, Summit Utilities, Inc., was started in 1997 by two entrepreneurs from Colorado who wanted to provide cheaper fuel and energy options to communities not served by existing natural gas companies. Summit Utilities, Inc. has built 20 natural gas systems similar to its systems in Maine. The company now serves more than 35,000 homes and businesses in Colorado and Missouri with clean, affordable natural gas.

Summit delivers natural gas produced in North America, helping Maine and the country reduce its dependence on foreign energy sources. Summit is also proud of its exceptional safety record — during its 18 years in business Summit Utilities, Inc. has never had a major accident.

Summit is developing long-lasting relationships with thousands of Maine residents and businesses, and strong partnerships in the communities where it does business. We thank them for supporting the arts in central Maine!

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June 2016

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