The Amazing World of 3 – Dimensional Photography

On Thursday, August 12th from 7-8:30 pm, UMA professor Roger Richmond will present The Amazing World of 3 – Dimensional Photography at the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell.  ArtTalks at the Harlow have been made possible thanks to our sponsor, Savings Bank of Maine.

Count on this 3-D photographic presentation to be exciting, fun, visually stimulating and very memorable. Viewers get the real feeling of “being there!,” and participating in a seemingly “live” moment. According to professor Richmond,  “3-D imagery is a very effective educational tool. A projected stereographic image brings, much more information to the eye and mind of the viewer than a regular “flat” 2-D image… A 3-D program becomes more of a communion with the subject rather than merely an observation of the subject, as in 2-D photography.  Because 3-D images are spatial, they are processed in the brain and memory in a unique way that imprints the photographic content more as “real-time” events offering a truly unforgettable experience. Looking at the 3-D images has been shown to cause an increase in brain serotonin, the “feel good” neurotransmitter. No wonder it is hard to stop gazing at the images once they spring to “life” for you. Even years later, the memory of the spatial nature and subject of the images is recalled, often in great clarity, even for children, and that is the real power for its use in any educational setting.”

Roger Richmond was the national competition design winner of the Maine’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial. He has also won national design competitions in stained glass art and a memorial to Martin Luther King Jr., proposed for Cambridge Square in Boston. He is a registered architect, and holds a Master of Arts in Architecture Degree from the University of Florida. Mr. Richmond is a professor of Architecture in the program he created at the University of Maine at Augusta.

He was the first and only architect at the time commissioned by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in Houston, to design zero and “artificial” gravity living environments on space stations and planetary fly-by missions. His work and research for NASA in Hostile Environmental Design continued at the University of Pennsylvania while working toward a Ph.D. and studying conceptual architectural design theory in the World Masters Class of Louis I. Kahn.

He was named The Student’s Choice Teacher Of The Year in 2001. Professionally he is a design consultant and partner in SpaceTherapy™ a design/behavior based post-occupancy analysis firm.

Mr Richmond has been a 3-D photographer for over 25 years, and has given hundreds of 3-dimensional photographic presentations to public schools and other public and private organizations on art, architecture, and nature statewide, throughout New England, and internationally.

Currently Mr. Richmond lives in South Freeport, Maine with his wife Beverly.

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