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The Hook Story Hour, Call for Citizen Storytellers

The Hallowell Lyceum Series and Gaslight Theater are calling for storytellers to participate in The Hook Story Hour on May 8, 2015 at Hallowell City Hall Auditorium.

We are offering a second chance to pitch your idea for The Hook Story Hour. You may have heard a Radio program on Maine Public Broadcasting Radio called The Moth Radio Hour? It is an evening of storytelling that involves true stories told live in front of a supportive audience. We’re going to present a similar evening of stories told live on May 8th at Hallowell City Hall!

We are offering a second chance for amateur, citizen, and professional storytellers to participate in this evening of storytelling and discovery. This is a very simple concept and has only 2 basic rules: the stories must be true and they must be told without scripts. We are looking for people who want to come and share a story with a live audience. To start this off, we are looking for people to prepare a 2 minute pitch for us for a story you have- The theme of this story hour has been simplified to be: “ What experiences have you had that has had an impact on your life” It would be best if the experience had a unique connection to the area, but we will consider any pitches that sound like a great story.

We will hear the pitches on April 14th at 6 pm at The Harlow Gallery, 160 Water Street in Hallowell. If you can’t make that date, you can email a 6 line written pitch to or leave a 2 minute message on the Gaslight Theater phone line – 207-626-3698

We expect that the stories should be no more than 7 minutes. Because this is a new concept to people, if your pitch is chosen, we can make time to coach you before the evening. As a side note, if you are planning to attend and pitching a story at a Moth Radio Hour Main Stage event at the State Theater in Portland on May 30th, consider using this event as a practice run, we’d love to have you!

Remember: We all have a story, most of us want to share We all want to hear a story, and like it when you share Your story and our story bring us all together

The Hallowell Lyceum Series is a project of the Hallowell Cultural Committee, a consortium of Hallowell citizens and nonprofits including Gaslight Theater, Harlow Gallery, Hubbard Free Library, Ian Parker Foundation, Row House and Vaughan Homestead Foundation.

For more information, contact Richard Bostwick of Gaslight Theater at