Three Faces, Three Forces

ON VIEW: JULY 20-28, 2018

The Harlow presents “Three Faces, Three Forces”, a three-person pop-up exhibition featuring Rachael Eastman, Martha Miller, and John David O’Shauhgnessy. 

Eastman, Miller, and O’Shaughnessy gather in Three Faces, Three Forces to redefine “Pop Up” with a painted “Portraiture Peer In”, exhibiting their combined face works highlighted by emotive new drawings, painting, and mixed media pieces. Three Faces, Three Forces is an innovative, week-long exhibit running July 20-28, 2018 with a live drawing event happening during the opening reception Friday, July 20, 5-7pm. The live drawing will culminate in the trio of artists each creating large, two-dimensional face artworks live in the gallery and then shared in final form that evening as the show opens. Eastman will initiate opening night in revealing the finished trio of works while giving a brief talk on process.

On Old Hallowell Day, Saturday July 21st, from 2-4, the Harlow will host a “Portraiture Draw In.” Come and enjoy a free open drawing session open to all. Artist-model Rachael Eastman will pose in costume as muse for fellow exhibiting artists Martha Miller, John David O’Shaughnessy, and any others who would like to join them in creating portraits.

Rachael Eastman: Best known for years of consecutive sunrise witness, and a delve into the sublime within her atmospheric oil paintings and drawings,  Rachael Eastman’s ethereal seascapes, and daily photographs of the ocean, create a new luminist trail along the shores of New England. Eastman, whose Hudson River School leanings have culled nature as an emotive force, now attempts to paint and draw a new season of ocean light into the human face, hoping to gather the sunlight, scale, and sensation witnessed among waves and emotionally *felt* on site.

Martha Miller is well known for her psychologically engaging drawings and paintings created from life, self, traditional portraiture, and a boundless interweaving of the human tapestries in her life.  A psychological likeness is hewn from her deep seeing, and her teaching style merges with her studio practice to combine to cleave the psychological heart out for the viewer’s contemplative eye. Martha’s traditional approach to portraiture opens to incorporate surrealistic elements drawn from her own life,creating a rich engagement with the human condition. Recent renderings of herself, her daughter’s journey in illness, as well as those of the sitters that she tenderly explores, call emotionally complex faces from within her next moves.

John David O’Shauhgnessy is best known for his adept and powerful capture of the movement and shifting color and light of the ocean. His gestural and expressive paintings explore seascape observed directly from life “Plein Air”. His intense works glean a visceral and material sense of the forces of nature for the viewer. Yet, throughout ocean many infused years, he was also exploring the human face and it’s subtle moods with his color sensibilities and gestures. Facial expressions found their way into his paintings and his ceramics, and now the elemental human visage has begun to take on a new presence in his work. O’Shauhgnessy is poised to match his discipline in teaching students new modes of self portraiture, with a fresh emotive face revealing exploration of his own.

In recent years, Rachael Eastman has exhibited at Sarah Orne Jewett Museum, The Saco Museum, The L.C. Bates Museum, The Revolving Museum in Fitchburg Massachusetts, and Maine College of Art. Eastman is currently represented by William Scott Gallery in Provincetown Mass, while sharing work at Littlefield Gallery,  Barn Gallery, and Ocean House Gallery, in Maine, where she just culminated a solo exhibition and radio interview. John David O’Shauhgnessy has exhibited at The Currier Museum of Art, The Sarah Orne Jewett Museum, while exhibiting work at Littlefield Gallery, Barn Gallery, Ocean House Gallery, Thos Moser Gallery in Maine, and Art 3 in Manchester New Hampshire. O’Shauhgnessy has also twice been culled to participate in the juried Paint for Preservation in the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust Plein Air Exhibition and he is poised for a fall exhibition at AMP Gallery in Provincetown Massachusetts. Martha Miller has shared work at The University of New England, The Blaine House, The Tide Institute, and the Center for Maine Contemporary Art. With solo and group exhibitions at Mayo Street Arts, Maine College of Art, and Mast Cove Galleries, Miller is poised for a coming solo exhibition at The University of Maine in Augusta. Eastman and Miller, who had previously shown together at Aucocisco Galleries, and were both awarded in Harlow’s State Competitions look forward to joining forces at the new Harlow with a burst of new energy infusion from their facile colleague John David O’Shaugnessy. 

The Harlow is a membership based 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to connecting and celebrating art, artists and community in downtown historic Hallowell since 1963. Exhibitions are always free and open to the public. 

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