Town Meeting: Facing Highway Reconstruction Hallowell Style

Painting the Street by Chris Cart

Hallowell’s Cultural Committee invites the public to participate in a Town Meeting on Thursday, March 26 at 6pm at Hallowell City Hall Auditorium to brainstorm creative ideas and strategies to mitigate effects of the impending highway reconstruction project on our beloved downtown. Hallowell residents, business owners and fans of the Maine’s smallest city are encouraged to attend, including families with children. There will be an art activity table suitable for all ages and staffed by volunteers. The event is co-hosted by the city Cultural Committee, Hallowell Board of Trade, City Councilman Alan Stearns representing the Highway Project Planning Committee, and the Harlow Gallery.

Guest facilitator Marty Pottenger will share examples from her work where creativity and the arts is used as a catalyst  for community building and problem solving, and then lead participants in a brainstorming session.

Marty Pottenger is an award winning performance artist who also happens to have extensive experience in the construction business. Pottenger’s ART AT WORK project in partnership with the City of Portland has put creativity to work since 2007. In the “Thin Blue Line” project Pottenger convinced Portland’s police force that writing and reading poetry could be an answer to low moral and to improving their relationship with the public. ART AT WORK has been selected by the National Endowment for the Arts for it’s national Our Town initiative and nominated for a National League of Cities Best Practices Award. For more information, visit ART AT WORK online at, and also check out her TEDxDirigo talk entitled Art at Work from December 10, 2014 on YouTube.

Contact Deborah Fahy at the Harlow Gallery with questions about the Town Meeting – 622-3813 or