Use Our Space

Interested in using the Harlow’s space for an event?

First read through this entire page
– Submit a proposal to use our space (Click here to fill out the proposal form)

We have a busy schedule at the Harlow and will consider your event only if it does not conflict or interfere with our regular programming and falls in line with our mission of connecting and celebrating art, artists, and community.

Members: $30 or 35% of event proceeds – whichever is greater, (for up to 4 hours including set up and clean up.)
Non-members: $50 or 50% of event proceeds – whichever is greater. (for up to 4 hours including set up and clean up.)
Rates are doubled for a full day event.
Ongoing events: a donation of at least $20 per meeting or $250 per year – whichever is greater. (Negotiable for fellow nonprofits or charitable causes.)

OPTIONAL MARKETING SUPPORT (also see Promotional Support your event below…)
For $60 Harlow staff will send out your press release. Press releases go out via email to our well established list of media outlets within a 60 mile radius. Our press releases are regularly published in print and online  in central Maine and beyond. You will need to provide us with a write up (WHO, WHAT, WHEN & WHERE) and up to three jpg images at least one month before your event.
For $30 Harlow staff will promote your event through social media, using the images and write-up provided. This includes: an event page of Facebook and posts on Twitter and Instragram, where altogether we have over 6,000 followers. You will be granted co-host status for the Facebook event (requires a Facebook account) which will allow you to edit the event and invite your contacts to it.
– $75 PR Package (Press release AND Facebook event)

– Include your event on this website. Using your write-up and images.

– Orient you in opening and closing the gallery and assign you a key if your event begins or ends outside of regular gallery hours (Wednesday & Saturday noon – 6pm, Thursday & Friday noon – 8pm). 

– Prepare and distribute a press release at least one month before your event, or request this service from us, providing all required information before the one month deadline (see item B).  Note – $60 fee applies if we do your press release.  Need some help?  There’s good primer at >> Write a Press Release in 16 Easy Steps
Provide complete and timely information at least 6 weeks before your event. Email us your press release or a clear, complete description of your event as a regular text email (not as an attachment!) Your write-up should sum up the full story in a brief first paragraph describing who, what, when, where and why. You can go on to provide as much detail as you like. We reserve the right to edit this as needed, and will publish this to our website, and use it to create a press release at your request.  We require up to 3 jpg images. Please email these to us as attachments at

The Harlow is run by a small part-time staff supported by lots of volunteer hours. You can help your event be successful by participating in the promotions process. Here are a few ideas to help spread the word about your event:
– Design and distribute a flyer or poster. Post them in and around Hallowell and in and around your town. Leave a stack at the Harlow for gallery visitors to take. If you do an electronic version we will print one to post at the Harlow.
– Share on Facebook. Set up an event page, or have us do it for you ($30 fee applies) then help promote it by inviting your friends and sharing the event on your personal profile in the weeks leading up to the event.
– Advertise in local newspapers, etc.
– Post your event online. There are many online calendars available but posting to them can be a time intensive project.  These are some of the calendars with statewide reach.  There are many others, some fee based.