Work in Ceramics by Paul Philbrick on view at “Harlow on the Circle” in Augusta

Please visit the office building at 45 Memorial Circle in Augusta to view work by artist Paul Philbrick of Belgrade, Maine.  Philbrick’s work is on display in the former ATM space viewable from outside the building from 9am to 9pm daily. The exhibition is on view now through March 15, 2012, and is sponsored by the Kennebec Valley Art Association.

In Philbrick’s work, entitled “Examining Future’s Past“, the artist blends imagery from ancient culture and current technology to create a unique series of tiles containing what appear to be mysterious messages from the past, or perhaps archaeological fragments of a larger, long-lost artifact. The artist explains, “I am exploring technology and its impact on our culture through this body of work as it reflects my thoughts regarding technology, society and religion.

Paul Philbrick works at the University of Maine at Augusta (for over 13 years) and he has all but finished his Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art at UMA, with a concentration in ceramics. He is a self-proclaimed geek and gets loads of inspiration from popular culture. Philbrick explains, “I have always been fascinated by mythology – the traditions, belief structures, and stories of ancient cultures. I am also intrigued by film and television’s use of ancient culture where it is blurred with modern or super science.” For more information about Paul Philbrick’s work, visit his blog at